POV: You’re on a lunch date with me, telling me about your Big Idea

I recently grabbed a bite with a Catholic friend who told me all about her new business. 

“That’s so awesome! Do you have an email list yet?”

“No, not yet.”

“You should start building one.”

My hypocrisy struck me.

“I mean, I don’t technically have one, but I’m working on it. It’s a long story…”

I had just gotten out of a friendship which turned out to be not so good for me, and many of my own projects had been delayed because of it. 

Something I used to do in that friendship was give lots of good advice; looking back now, I should have had better boundaries. I should have been giving you (my audience!) the advice in a blog format and sending her the link. 

So here’s what I recommend if you’re starting a new venture. (Check out Jen Fulwiler’s Your Blue Flame if you don’t yet have a venture.)  

Fortify your Mind

You Are a Bad*ss at Making Money has changed and is still changing my life in so many positive ways.

Figure out what your “limiting beliefs” are, (in Christian-ese: what are the lies of Satan that you believe about yourself??) and actively reprogram them with prayer and affirmations. Hit the “spiritual gym” every day, because the act of creating something positive will be met with Resistance. 

In the words of my Pentecostal friends, get “prayed up.”

Define your Tribe

Anything written by Seth Godin is great, but Tribes is my favorite; a close second would be All Marketers are Liars.

Godin says that movements form around a heretic. If you can figure out what you’re heretical against, you’ll be able to connect with your tribe, mobilize them, and cause the changes you envision in the world. 

Follow Great Marketers  

Laura Belgray, the Talking Shrimp, lives on the bleeding edge of copywriting. She’ll inspire you to connect with your customers as yourself, which is surprisingly intimidating to do!

Check out Rachael Kay Albers’s website, be delighted, then check out her carousel of marketing sketch comedies on YouTube to learn what not to do and what to do instead. Here are my favorites:

Honey I Shrunk the Call to Action

Good Brand Design Isn’t About What You “Like”

Eat, Sleep, & Watch Business

Watch business TV like Shark Tank, or The Profit, where Marcus Lemonis attempts to rehab struggling businesses. The Profit is part business Glow Up, part forensics as Lemonis uncovers why the business is struggling in the first place. The narcissism of some of the business owners is hard to spot at first but makes every episode a bit of a mystery… 

Create a Positive Playlist

Lastly, when you’re feeling down, listen to the clean version of this song by Vedo. Make your own empowering playlist, and check out mine on Spotify as well.

You got this!