What did you used to love as a kid?

I spent this past weekend obsessed with Inuit culture. I’ve been radically changing “rules” of my life that I had previously taken for granted—for example, busting out of relationships that used to seem impossible to leave, relationships with people who weren’t really cultivating me, just using me to fill a role in their lives.  Now … Read more

I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing until I set boundaries…

Is it bad to start one’s day listening to (worshipping to?) a song like Megadeth’s cover of “No More Mr. Nice Guy”? Is it anti-Catholic? Un-Christian? Not if you struggle with boundaries. Not if you struggle with pleasing the World when you should be pleasing God. Not if you tend to jump when your Idol … Read more

POV: You’re on a lunch date with me, telling me about your Big Idea

I recently grabbed a bite with a Catholic friend who told me all about her new business.  “That’s so awesome! Do you have an email list yet?” “No, not yet.” “You should start building one.” My hypocrisy struck me. “I mean, I don’t technically have one, but I’m working on it. It’s a long story…” … Read more